APQC Education helps education leaders capture, scale and sustain transformation to improve student outcomes. We help educators redesign outdated or inefficient processes and break down functional silos which saves time, saves money and empowers people.

This work occurs through the implementation of Process and Performance Management methodologies and the identification of best practices.

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Webinar: You have a Strategic Plan – Now what?

If you are like most Education leaders you have a Strategic Plan for your organization that outlines Values, Vision and Mission.

  • But do you have agreement within your organization for how you will measure progress against that plan?
  • And are the leaders within your organization able to articulate their role to achieve that Plan?
  • Do you have a solid understanding of how much change is required to achieve success and is there agreement on the pace of that change?
  • Does your Leadership Team have the skillset, tools and methodology to manage that change?
  • And do you have a process for monitoring, reporting and communicating the portfolio of change taking place?

It has been our experience that most school districts do not have all of these components in place to fully take their Strategic Plan to action. In response to this need we have created a new offering called “Strategy to Action” which gives you and your leadership team a Strategy to Action Roadmap specifically for school districts. This service is steeped in our Process and Performance Methodology and has already been delivered to over thirty school districts with great success!

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Process Classification Framework™ 

New and Improved! The PCF® was originally created to identify key processes in businesses and was then customized for the needs of K-12. The common taxonomy allows APQC and educational organizations to identify and compare processes, set and compare metrics and establish best practices. This latest version incorporates changes and updates from our North Star Community.

We are very thankful for all the cooperation and insights to assist in creating this latest version.

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"I highly recommend (APQC) training to other districts..."
Sean Dusek, Assistant Superintendent
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Alaska

"I think the (APQC) training is amazing."
Anyur Simsirel, Principal
Westbourne Grammar School, Victoria, Australia

"The Process and Performance Management training has been instrumental in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of (the district)..."
Dr. Harold J. Vollkommer, Deputy Superintendent
San Bernardino City Unified School District, California

"... this work will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction and cost savings to the district well in excess of $100,000 in the next school year."
Richard A. Carranza, Superintendent
San Francisco Unified School District, California

"... (this training) will also allow us to realize tens of thousands of dollars per year savings..."
Dr. Scott P. Myers, Director of Teacher Licensure
Kansas State Department of Education

"We believe (this training) has increased everyone's appreciation of what it takes to make a successful school district run efficiently and effectively."
Dr. Randy Poe, Superintendent
Boone County Schools, Kentucky

"I have been in education for 42 years but have never seen a project like APQC/s North Star that has the potential to completely transform the educational system in this country. "
Dr. Michael Perich, Former Director, System-wide Continuous Improvement
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

"Joining the North Star network has been one of the best professional development decisions I have made as a Superintendent. "
Dr. Jerry Wilson, Superintendent
Worcester County Public Schools, Maryland

"We believe that our partnership with APQC will be instrumental in the transformation we are seeking."
Guy Chamberlain, Associate Superintendent
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina

"Process and Performance Management training has been instrumental in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of (our district)."
Dr. Eric L. Cunningham, Associate Superintendent
Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System, North Carolina

"The four day Process and Performance Management training was invaluable..."
Thomas Tucker, Superintendent
Lorain City Schools, Ohio

"I highly recommend (APQC) training to other districts..."
Dr. David Pennington, Superintendent
Ponca City Public Schools, Oklahoma

"This collaborative training allowed us to come together to discuss and apply processes in a most productive manner."
Dr. Raymond D. Gualtieri, Superintendent
North Allegheny Schools, Pennsylvania

"This work has led to a deeper, clearer understanding of where to best use our limited resources and provide a better, more customer friendly experience..."
Dr. Mike Waldrip, Superintendent
Coppell ISD, Texas

"We look forward to a long-term relationship as we continue our journey to transform CFISD into an even more efficient and effective high-performing district."
Dr. Mark Henry, Superintendent
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Texas

"The Process and Performance Management Training has been instrumental in improving the efficient and effectiveness of Edgewood ISD."
Eddie Ramirez, Chief Finance and Operations Officer
Edgewood ISD, Texas

"Under the direct leadership and support of APQC, Frisco ISD has ... begun the evolution to business processes throughout the district."
Bob Allen, Director of Integration and Innovation
Frisco ISD, Texas

"Our district remains committed to Process and Performance Management."
Dr. Terry Grier, Superintendent
Houston ISD, Texas

"The work with APQC is integral to our quest to align our business practices with Baldrige/Performance Excellence principles..."
Dr. Steven M. Constantino, Superintendent
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, Virginia

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Frisco ISD, TX -
A booming suburb north of Dallas, Frisco has experienced explosive growth over the last two decades. To keep pace with the enrollment of 3,000 new students every year, Frisco ISD needed to effectively manage its limited resources and build a sustainable plan for future growth. The district needed more teachers, but also wanted to reduce its increasingly heavy administrative burden, redirect efforts toward value-added activities benefiting students, and slow down the trend toward adding more operational support staff. Seeking creative, sustainable ways to improve operational practices, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and solve problems; FISD set out to re-engineer its operations through both process and performance management (PPM) and technology.
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